Short Core Pallet Wrap

Roll application by hand or machines

Our product is fully adaptable for hand or machine use.We supply you extended core rolls for hand application and normal core rolls for machine application.


Product Description

Strenght and stretch:

Guaranteed stretch of 300% to 500% the length of every roll


Imported virgin raw materials combined with the use of strengthening additives results in our rolls have significantly more strength and stretch properties than our competitors.


We are so confident about the quality of our products that we will gladly supply you with a sample to test.

Quality Product

Imported virgin raw material combined with strengthening additives and 24/7 QC guarantees the quality of our products are constantly better than our competitors.

Excellent cling

You are assured of maximum strength and adhesion between “wraps” around your product.


Fast and delivery

We can get your specific requirements quicker than anyone else.


Our wrap comes in 3 categories:

  1. CLEAR – Good visibility for easy product identification and barcode reading.
  2. TINTED – Goods visibility with colour for destination or product identification with different colour wrap (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow).
  3. OPAQUE – Goods not visible and protection from UV rays (White, Black)


Sizes and colour

Our roll sizes range from 50mm to 1200mm wide, 10micron to 50micron thick and 100m to 3,800m long.Cores are free with a choice of 76mm normal core or 39mm extended core diameter with lengths depending upon your unique individual requirements.400x15x450 NC for example, is a 400mm wide, 15 micron thick and 450m long normal core roll.